You Can Use Business Loans to Your Advantage

Before the opening up of the Indian economy in the 1990s, banks were not very aggressive in approving unsecured Business Loans. People used to do business either with their capital funds or borrowings from friends and relatives.

Yes, equity was an option, but it was available only to the more prominent and established businesses. New start-up businesses could never dream of having access to equity. Hence, applying for Business Loans was a challenging task.

Of course, you need capital to start a business. It is your contribution towards the business. However, no company in the world can survive on capital investment alone. You need to grow and expand. Doing business with your money alone will lead to stagnation of the company. You need an infusion of external funds, either through debt or Car Site equity. As you expand your business, you have to manage issues like managing payroll, hiring new employees, investing in new machinery/equipment, financing future sales, maintaining inventory, and so on. For all these, you can use Business Loans to your advantage.

Funding options

The large corporates or the established businesses can raise funds through equity. Smaller companies have to pay a higher cost to have access to equity funding. Also, equity funding dilutes your ownership in the business and affects your control over the industry. As a result, your profits suffer. Hence, the best option left for small businesses is to opt for the unsecured Business Loans. Let us look at some of the advantages of using Business Loans for New Business.

· Financial advantage

One of the most significant drawbacks of equity is that you relinquish your complete ownership rights. Secondly, equity financing is an expensive proposition. Investors in your business expect a higher return on their investments as compared to the cost of bank financing.

· Easy planning

Budgeting is easy when you have to deal with debt as compared to equity financing. You know the extent of your liabilities in advance. They come with an underlying fixed rate thereby help you to forecast accurately.

· Easy availability of unsecured Business Loans

The Indian economy has come a long way since the days of the liberalisation. Banks are now willing to finance businesses Used Car without collateral. The Government of India has played its part by setting up the Credit Guarantee Trust for Small and Micro Enterprises (CGTSME). By paying a nominal premium and guarantee fee, businesses have access to funds up to Rs. 100 Lakhs without having to provide collateral. The rates of interest on such CGTSME loans are also reasonable.

· Variety of financing options

Banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) have various products in the Business Loans category. They include term loans for purchasing land, construction of factories, purchase of machinery and equipment and so on. You have products like cash credit facilities to cater to working capital requirement.

Other options include bills discounting, letters of credit, invoice factoring, and so on. Equipment manufacturing companies have options like lease financing. It allows you to purchase the equipment by paying a token advance. You can use the machine while repaying the loan through EMIs. Over a period, you own the machinery.

· Growth flexibility

Bank financing allows you to structure your debt correctly. It helps you achieve your business goals. It also enables you to increase your capacity to do business. Banks have flexible repayment options. You can trust your banks to restructure or reschedule your loan instalments in case of the recession in the industry.

· Plan for contingency

It is always better to use Business Loans for developing your businesses. Yes, you have your funds as a capital investment. But, Business Loans are still better for contingency planning. You have various options before you to raise funds in an emergency. Business Loans help you to manage your cash flows better.

· Build up a good reputation

Repaying your Personal Loans on time helps you build up your personal credit profile. Similarly, repaying Business Loans help you build up an excellent reputation in the market. The better your repayment record, the easier it becomes to get new finance.

We have seen how you can use Business Loans to your advantage. Remember, you need funds after you reach a specific level in your business. The loan option gives you the encouragement to expand your business and increase your profits.

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Virtual Office: Save cost ,grow fast with virtual offices

A virtual office is a type of service that allows the employees and high business owners to work remotely by giving a range of business opportunities accessible through the internet.

Smart yet Pleasant Way to Impress Clients

Virtual offices are especially helpful for startups and small businesses. It is web-designed software and services, such as video conferencing

  • Location does not matter as each employee can work from their location which is most convenient, and regardless of the geographical location, employees can work from anyplace at any time. Local employees are also hiring
  • The virtual office provides higher job options for employees and hiring options for business
  • With its numerous benefits, virtual office in Gurgaon is slowly becoming a favorite
  • Virtual offices are much more economical alternatives to any conventional office. As earlier one only spends for the facilities that one use. The monthly costs are highly reduced. It has very low maintenance and upkeep costs also.
  • A virtual office depends on different Internet services for different operations and the performance of all business tasks and employees, including Web/cloud-based business, collaboration, and productivity applications that are globally accessed via the Internet service.
  • This will not only lead to meeting new people but also will help to discover new customers, bringing you face to face with potential business collaborations, business advisors, and investors
  • If you are a night person, a co-working space that has 24/7 building access will be ideal for you. It is advisory to install security software program to have secure entry to the building simply by using your Smartphone.

Co working office space in Gurgaon-

  • As will all know that Gurgaon, is currently known as the Guru gram is one of the leading real estate destinations of commercial and residential properties. With rapid urbanization, Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub with the third highest per capita income in India.  There are many co-working office spaces in Gurgaon

Co working spaces offer freelancers and individual entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of setting up an actual office. It is extremely easy to scale up a shared office space as your team grows. The biggest factor is that you get your own private space in Co working Space. No noise, no distraction unlike open co-working space and have Input cabin spaces

Working with others in a shared office space environment can bring you connections you would have never even thought of. Just simple act of going to work in shared space will help you meet other business owners and connect with them. This is instant networking that you don’t have to go out of your way to do.

Price is easily affordable and they offer a different plan (Day Plan and Monthly Pass) whether it can be day pass or a monthly membership, which relies on requirement and the availability of seats.


Tips to Find Home Insurance at an Affordable Price

Purchasing a home insurance policy does not have to be a costly affair. There are many ways you can get discounts on your home insurance premium. In order to beat the competition, the insurance companies do not mind shelling out a little discount to the potential customers. All you have to do is know the tricks and tips of finding home insurance at an affordable price. So, if you are planning to purchase a home insurance policy or want to renew the existing one, check out the tips mentioned below.

Tip # 1: Go with the same insurance company

Nowadays people buy various types of insurance policies, such as car insurance, health insurance, and even home insurance. So, the insurance companies offer combined packages or discounts on multiple policies. When you buy multiple policies from the same insurer, they reward you with attractive discounts. This is a great way to find home insurance at an affordable price. It is also advantageous from the perspective of dealing with loads of documents. Rather than dealing with two different insurance companies for two policies, you have to call up just one agent.

Tip # 2: Review your home insurance policy

The aspects of any home insurance policy do not remain the same always; they keep changing. An affordable policy purchased by you today may not remain the cheapest one in the market after few months. Competition is really high, and hence the insurance companies keep offering discounts in order to lure the customers. So, when you review your policy after every 6 months, you get a better idea of the market situation. You get to know whether your current policy is still the cheapest one or not. It will also help you figure out if you have chosen the right amount of coverage or not. These aspects can really prove to be effective in finding an affordable home insurance policy.

Tip # 3: Increase your deductibles

This is the most commonly used trick for lowering down the premium associated with any insurance policy. It works in the case of home insurance policies too. In case you do not know what deductible is, it is the amount of money you are ready to pay from your pocket to cover your loss. In other words, you bear a small percentage of the total coverage amount, and in return, the insurance company offers you some discount on the premiums. The discount can go up to 35 percent. So, this is another good way of finding an affordable home insurance policy.

Tip # 4: Install alarm systems

In the market, there are many types of home alarm systems available, such as fire alarm, smoke sensors, burglary alarm, etc. Use of advanced monitoring systems makes your house a safer place, which means lesser risk of unwanted incidents and hazards. In such cases, the insurance companies would not hesitate from offering you a discount on the premiums. In fact, you can get up to 20 percent discount by installing these systems at your home.

Tip # 5: Loyalty does matters

Insurance companies love loyal customers, and if you prove your loyalty towards them, you can definitely get discount. When you stick with the same home insurance company for more than three years, you become eligible for various offers. The discount can be anywhere between 5 and 10 percent. However, it also depends on whether you are proving yourself as a ‘claim-free’ customer or not. So, putting a limit on your claims is also a good way to find affordable home insurance policies.

Tip # 6: Credit score

Yes, your credit score plays a major role in determining your home insurance premiums. As per the stats, people with high credit score are less likely to place more number of claims. Such people are more responsible with their finances. This is the reason why the insurance companies do not mind offering discounts to such customers. Every insurance service provider uses it own calculations to figure out the amount of discount based on the credit score. So, when you shop for a home insurance policy, do not shy away from emphasising on your impressive credit score.

Tip # 7: Compare

If you spend even an hour on the internet, you will end up comparing almost a dozen home insurance policies. Online comparison tools are an excellent way to figure out an affordable policy. If the time of renewing your home insurance policy is approaching, you should definitely give a little effort on comparing the available options. But, when you come across policies with low premiums, make sure the coverage provided by them is sufficient enough to meet your needs.

So, those were some of the vital tips for finding an affordable home insurance policy. Follow them, and you will definitely end up with the best option.


What is shared office space all about?

The term co-working office space’ tends to refer to a fully equipped, furnished office space, which offers new and existing freelancers and small entrepreneurs with different types of facilities to conduct their business. Although there are many who favor working from homes, majority of the entrepreneurs do prefer to work from office. Such places are also known as business centers and executive suites. Such offices do offer the aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with mail, telephone and internet services. Upon using a rental space, the entrepreneur is offered with professional facility, which is considered to come with much lesser monthly rents when compared to traditional office rentals.

Facilities offered

Most of the times, when renting commercial office space in Sohna Road Gurgaon, there are innumerous facilities offered like office furniture, copy and fax machines, receptionist, mail services and much more. Some office spaces are also known to provide amenities such as greater accessibility to meeting and conference rooms or even delivery services, etc. The leases for such shared office space are usually around 6 -12 months. Few might even provide rental agreement for a period of 3 month. The shared office space might be when a small space is leased from any company or business having excess office space than what is necessary for them. It can be compared to that of subleasing. With this office space type, the entrepreneur or the individual will be in a position to rent group of offices across the region or scattered all over the country or just and individual desk space. The arrangement also helps the person to share conference rooms, kitchen areas, along with other facilities.

Well equipped and beneficial

Entrepreneurs can easily use such type of office and can carry out their work with without any hassle and leave a long lasting impression upon customers, clients and vendors, when compared to working from the home. There are several equipments and gadgets provided within the office setup that can be used every person in the room. It is indeed the best example for any complimentary business type. Also, they will be able to enjoy secretarial, receptionist and peon services.

Suited for all types of professions and businesses

Be it a web designer, content writer, hardware or software professional, health expert, insurance agent, any dealer, etc. the shared space can prove to be beneficial for everyone. The benefits of such offices are that it can reduce the need for supporting staffs such as secretaries and peons along with quick occupancy. This is because, monthly costs are found to be all inclusive and also much less. The above are just few of the arrangements out of the many facilities provided in such type of offices. The shared office space in Sohna Road Gurgaon is found to be cost effective and attractive for small entrepreneurs and freelancers. With this type, there is no need to make huge investments on equipments and furniture.