Best Ways to Utilize Notebooks Effectively

Offer a person a notebook and the next thing he does is scan its pages. The next other thing is to fill it – with his signature, thoughts, ideas or at least his name and address. Notebooks are never left unused by people; but are they used effectively? That is the million dollar question.

Is there any advantage in notebook printing? How to make effective use of your notebooks? Take a look.

Using Notebooks Effectively

Notebook printing is still in vogue because people find innumerable ways of using a notebook. You can try some of these and use your notebook effectively as

1. Your Professional Journal

Yes, a notebook is invaluable in your workplace. Unlike the scribbling pad used to jot down random comments, the notebook is much more concrete if not concise. For this reason, you can use it to record the valuable inputs you received at the office. Inscribing what you learned each day enables you to introspect on how much your profession has upgraded your skills. A quick look at this professional journal summarizes your work experience and what you gained from it.

2. Your Personal Diary

You may not be Anne Frank, yet your diary is still your closest friend. Make your notebook diary your constant companion for confiding your thoughts and innermost secrets. Give vent to your frustrations,  lash out with anger, whine, complain, grumble, shriek or shout!- your notebook will still be there listening in silence. According to psychologists, such a silent companion is needed for almost every person to share their thoughts with.

3. Your Fitness Journal

Almost everyone is a fitness freak these days. Make a note of your vital health and physical parameters like weight, blood sugar, BP, etc every month. Those who are on an exercise regimen can make a note of what exercises they did daily and note its results on your health periodically. This fitness notebook will help you understand which exercises are really beneficial for you and whether you are really fit or not.

4. Your Vision Journal

Ambitious people always have a vision. If you are one, then keep a notebook as your vision journal.

If you are a person with ambition, you must never lose track of it. To keep your vision in sight and help you take proactive steps to reach your goal, use this vision notebook. Record on each page the step you take daily towards your goal. Also, note down the hurdles you face and how you overcome them. This vision notebook could prove to be an inspiration to you as well as others.

5. Your Health Log

Your health log is different from your fitness diary. Your health log not only keeps a record of your physical parameters but also of the ailments you suffer from, periodically.

Use your notebook as a health lo noting down each month everything about your health. record what aches, pains or infections you suffered from, each month. Make a note of the medication you received and also jot down your recovery time. This health log notebook will help you analyze which diseases you are more prone to and which medication help you the most. This helps you to be forewarned against these illnesses in the future.

There are 1000 ways of using notebooks effectively and we have seen just 5.

Notebooks have many more such uses. Artists use notebooks as a form of expression to record their sketches. Poets ink in their verses instantaneously. Novelists pen their storylines. Scientists note down their formulae and their derivations. Geniuses inscribe their “Eureka moments”. And kids, kids just doodle, scribble and in general, use notebooks to have fun!


Crypto to crypto pep talk to create own cryptocurrency

Let us talk from an enthusiast to another enthusiast, how to bloom a great idea. If your idea has the ability to monetize, it will not remain stagnant.

With the internet available as a great medium to connect the masses, gone are the days of dark ignorance. If further you are on the path to launch a new digital coin, only your own enterprise is the limit.

Let’s begin our discussion aimed at a peer-to-peer cooperation towards an aim to make your own cryptocurrency. Sit back and relax while you dig in to great tips.

Pep talk to create your own cryptocurrency:

Dig deep, learn programming languages, sharpen logical reasoning

Do you know what Solidity is? If not, learn this great programming language. It will help you in your onward effort to make a cryptocurrency.

Believe me you should not be a loose pawn when you are investing so much time, money and effort for your offering. You will lose out in the competition and be liable even to get cheated. Become a leader in the rat race. However, this rat race will leave you a lot richer.

You must know scripting and programming. You must understand logic and flow charts. This will help you understand smart contracts. The more you exercise your brain, the better you get to tackle problems.

Do you know what scrum is or what waterfall model is?

Planning any great undertaking is no easy task. With the numerous mindsets of each people, gathering them for a greater good is a full time activity. Do you know the various methodologies available in the market?

If not, get hold of a book and start reading. You may get good e-books also. The most important and happening project management method is scrum. You and your team may have to execute daily standups midway to start your own cryptocurrency.

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Do you understand concepts of virtual machine?

In an effort to make your own cryptocurrency, you will be bombarded with many technical terms. Terms like virtual machine should be at your fingertips. A virtual machine aids many aspects of smart contracts.

Smart contracts are key actionable area where your cryptocurrency would go in as initial coin offering. Know the details of this technology and try not to be a clueless person simply being driven.

Do you interact well and know all clever ideas behind social media?

There are many folks who even though are average with their ideas, do well professionally with their great communication skills. While the emphasis is not to give an idea to be dumb with ideas, the key idea is be smart.

Your interaction with people, your acceptance of their ideas and building of a good support base will go a long way. Be open to ideas and not constrained to only yours.

The most singular aspect to your effort to create cryptocurrency is leveraging the power of social media. There are many forums in social media that can broadcast your message and vision to large masses of people.

Participate in groups, create your own group, build your social presence and send out tweets that can get people hooked to your existence.

Do you understand analytics, know what SEO is, realize what is ICO and STO?

A visual representation of an idea goes a long way to communicate to the lay people your grand idea. You must know the power of analytics about how your coin would fare in the market.

Geographic and other vital parameters will help you master the nature of target audience. In the end you must reach the right set of people. You must know concepts like search engine optimization(SEO) and try to bring in search results that elevate your coin to top positions.

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From your interest to go through this article, it is evident that you are not a novice. You don’t require spoon feeding and will benefit with just a little push. Be informed that these points are not for immature amateurs but for capable professionals who make their hands dirty being practical.

Oh great! You felt this article has the right recipe to fire your imagination. You felt something missing, then write back in the placeholder.


Virtual Business Address Sydney, The Best Solution For A Growing Business

The virtual business address in Sydney provides the best solution for any growing business. The virtual office address in Sydney complies with all the business guidelines and could be used as a registered address for the business. The virtual office address in Sydney could be customized and turned into a business address as per the requirements and within the budget. This provides the best solution for a growing business.

The most effective way of establishing a professional business presence in the virtual business address in Sydney. All the important features of any standard office have been included in the virtual package at just a fractional price.

Effective ways of establishing a business presence

  1. Professional address of the business
  2. Address of physical address through a unit address
  3. Using address for registration of business
  4. Setting up the listing on iPhone maps, Bing maps, and Google maps
  5. Private letterboxes for managing the store documents and incoming emails
  6. Service for incoming mailing notification
  7. Service for mail forwarding
  8. 5 times scanning and screening your emails
  9. 5 times shredding of mail
  10. One hour free in day office or meeting room or the shared office use each month
  11. Copy/ scan/ print free of cost 20 pages every month
  12. Marketing support
  13. Free Wi-Fi access while visiting centre
  14. Refreshments are complimentary while visiting the centre
  15. Additional features include free access for 4 hours to co-working areas, private offices, and meeting rooms. Also, they are available at a premium package of $90 every month

Local telephone answering and number services

  1. Local telephone number
  2. A service of call answering through a personalized message as recorded by the central team
  3. Call diversion to any selected number
  4. Voicemail services
  5. Marketing support
  6. Free Wi-Fi access while visiting the centre
  7. Complimentary refreshments during the visit to the centre
  8. More features like personalized answering of the telephone and specialized features of set- up that are available at just a premium package of $130 per month.

Establishing a business presence with access to the office space and the meeting rooms whenever required

  1. A professional business address
  2. Physical street address having a unit number
  3. Using the address for business registration and google maps
  4. A private letter box for managing incoming calls or storing documents
  5. Notification services for incoming mail
  6. Mail shredding and scanning services
  7. Number automated local telephone answering services
  8. Email to voicemail
  9. Message management services for 5 messages every month absolutely free
  10. Copy/ scan/print 50 pages every month for free
  11. Marketing support free access to Wi-Fi while visiting centre
  12. Complimentary refreshments while visiting the centre
  13. Additional features including 4 hours of free access to private offices, meeting rooms. and also, the co-working area comes with a premium package of $200 every month

Turnkey offices

Virtual business address Sydney offers part-time offices, shared offices, private service offices, dedicated workspaces in casual offices and co-working areas on hourly basis and that too in all-inclusive prices.


Business Change Management with Mike Giuffrida’s Assistance for Business Transformation

It is significant for businesses to achieve the process of cost saving well in any change management approach to safeguard that they do not inadvertently compromise their service standards or product quality.

According to Mike Giuffrida , economizing is a short-term policy. It is far more significant that companies take a long-term interpretation to strengthen and build their organization and its capabilities now, standing themselves for the ultimate economic retrieval.

During the years, businesses have put in much determination to win customers to be where they are nowadays. Research have revealed that it costs up to six times more currency to obtain a new customer than to keep a prevailing one. In an inactive economy, it would possibly be more expensive to win a new account.

Michael Giuffrida says, businesses must have an inexorable focus on distributing the best customer experience.

There must be a line of vision from the top to the bottom of the association. Deal with that and you will appreciate customer loyalty -and profitability and revenues will follow. To attain that companies must be always be attentive about the altering requirements of their customers, comprehend their business models and the markets they function in, know what their customer want and distribute these to aid their customers’ business flourish.

To attain business excellence, everyone in the organization requires concentrating on delivering customer satisfaction by taking individual responsibility for enlightening processes and be empowered to make variations. Departments have to become self-managed teams; cross-functional teams are required at the company level; and well-organized for decision-making and response. When the company determines a problem or a chance for enhancement outside, they must cooperate quickly to find the resolution.

For that to occur and for that change management processes to be sustainable and successful, a holistically unified approach to business distinction, which engages all elements and parts of the organization and its leadership is essential. Executives like Michael Giuffrida must direct the business change management activities, from thinking about efficiency and quality to create an organization that dependably delivers customer satisfaction and high value.

They must start a culture of incessant improvement that seeks to remove blockages, eradicate sources of waste and customer discontent, and become effective and efficient. There must be an emphasis on decreasing sales cycle time, swiftly transforming information and delighting the customer – these aids the enterprise to uphold its competitive edge with the help of Mike Giuffrida.

Management must also be swift to perceive changing customer preferences, be conscious of the altering competitive environment, leverage on developments in technology & IT, seize chances and implement new resolutions quickly. Product and service values have to stretch from the top to the bottom of the association and require cut across all departmental lines in Hartford and Southington.

For companies to be effective in their business variation management, they have to be responsive to their customer’s requirements at every step of the business procedures involving every employee, function, and leader. Anything short of a total method is improbable to deliver the anticipated results. Organizational transformation is a long-term procedure requiring an essential change in management culture and practices – a paradigm shift.


Enjoy the Best of Advantages by Choosing A Reliable Taxi Service!

Local people who require traveling from their homes to their workplaces generally depend on various means of transport. As not all of us are able to afford our own car we hire taxis to travel around. In most of all the major cities and towns around the world, several taxi services are available there. The traveler is required to contact the taxi service provider in advance to get the service. If you are looking for good and reliable taxi services in Martock city, it is recommended to find a reputed company that already has a base of satisfied customers.

You can also get some help from the internet as you can search for different taxi services in your area, compare them, and choose the best out of them as per your preference and budget. A small suggestion from my side – consider a service that is available round the clock so that you won’t get disappointed in case you need to travel in the middle of the night. However, following are some of the advantages that you can grab by hiring a reliable taxi service.

One of the very good advantages of hiring a taxi is that you can find a taxi which suits your budget. All over the world, wherever there are taxi services, there would be competitive prices among them. If you are required to travel to the airport, it would be beneficial to hire a taxi rather hiring a private vehicle; hence it would save you a good amount of money.

You can also talk to a couple of taxi services to compare their travel costs, in order to choose the one which saves you enough bucks. You never know maybe you’d come across the best taxi services in Martock city during your search. However, it doesn’t mean the cheapest would be the worst one; it may give you average comfort due to the lower price. Therefore, choose your taxi wisely while keeping your budget in mind.

Booking a taxi in advance is a time-saving step; if you are not in favor of roaming around the streets and wasting your valuable time then you should book a taxi to reach somewhere. Also, the taxi can provide a comfortable ride and take you to your destination on time. You really need a taxi if you work in a tight schedule or you are a part of fieldwork. Taxis are also reliable during an unexpected change in weather; you can simply make a call and book a taxi and reach back home being dry on time, rather waiting for the rain to stop.

Taxis provide a convenient and hassle-free travel experience. Just like you and I, no one would ever be fine with getting stuck in the middle of a traffic jam and all of us avoid going through congested roads. From this perspective, hiring a taxi services would be your smartest step as you can simply rely on the taxi driver to drive you to your destination. Moreover, the experienced drivers are well aware of the easiest and the fastest routs around the city so there would be no worry about high traffic on roads. Not just this, when you travel by taxi, there’s no need to worry about finding a space for your car. Ah! Just forget about that. If you are traveling to the airport, you can pay the driver, get your luggage and directly check in without hanging- on in queue towards the car parking lot.

Apart from all these advantages, Martock City taxi services generally keep their vehicles equipped with removable or movable chairs for differently abled people. What’s more! You would be able to have your own private time if you are going on a business tour and want to finish your presentation before you go on board. They also keep their vehicles equipped with all the safety measures as well as navigation gadgets.

As per the discussed advantages, it would be fair to say that these taxi services that we can call and book in advance are the one-stop solution for local travelers as well as foreign tourists to ride around the city in a safe and comfortable manner.


Resources to Discover Help for Your Data Course

Resources to Discover Help for Your Data Course

Collection of details in addition to analysis along with also assessment of information are workouts that numerous companies, furthermore government governments appreciate, and additionally this is one element of life that can never underestimate. Greater homework in nearly all areas along with additionally indicating welfare strategies require information along with its relevant concepts. When stats, which appears to be merely a small part of the entire topic of maths, is so essential in all rounds of life, it is natural for parents and students to not take it carefully in colleges and universities. Nevertheless, statistics does not come comfortably in addition to normally to trainees. There are some that fall short to recognize its basic principles either as a result of the reality that they do not take notice of what their instructors are going over or thinking about that they bunk their training courses assuming they will absolutely make up in the future. Such trainees obtain statistics help from outdoors to finish their tasks.

Get your inquiries removed with a click of the computer mouse

I assume on the web statistics help is a good suggestion for pupils as it is easily supplied ay perpetuity of a day. This suggests that if a trainee is beginning on his information job throughout the evening, he can check out to the web site as well as send his job in addition to obtain it back finished by adhering to early morning. This most definitely is a big help for a pupil as he gets exceptional grades that are reduced when he is not able to send tasks. However, just grades are not that essential as well as in addition more vital is to be able to recognize the standard principles of data to be able to resolve the troubles in statistics.

There has actually been a transformation in net site supplying internet help

The good news is, gating principles gotten rid of is additionally liked as there are overview web website that supply example troubles and also their choices along with an explanation of just how to continue when faced with a specific type of statistics problem. It is simply when a trainee discloses the disposition or the capabilities to fix issues of a certain kind that internet tutors continue and occupy adhering to phase in the curriculum. This sort of information help is better than where a student just spends for his jobs as he obtains his unpredictabilities done away with along with consequently happens a lot more experienced in statistics rather than just obtaining top quality.

Data is not a split topic

Though information is thought about by many pupils to be a separated part of maths, it is a truth that lots of various other locations like geometry, calculus, in addition to algebra require help of info principles and also in addition suggestions. Hence obtaining help with statistics ought to not be misconstrued as being an help for it alone and also likewise a trainees improves capacities in algebra as well as calculus with this method.



As an learner in the Forex trading, investing a real capital is such high risk and traders are seeking ways to avoid this dangerous investment in their first tries. Hence, the option given to those traders is to work on the best demo account before the active account.

The righi selection of the demo account would enhance the traders’ abilities  in understanding the trading technically and quickly. Then, traders can test their trading concepts.

How to define a Forex demo account?

Basically, a Forex Demo account is an active simulated trading which allow trader to practice their trade on the platform with a concept money. Because this is an “sim” account (abbreviation of simulation), traders can have a full sense of real trading with a real money. On the specified trading platform, the Forex Demo account copies the functional activities of real trading account. The purpose of the best forex brokers in the world providing this service is to ensure their customers will be well-trained via demo account, then develop their business as start real trading capital.

The advantages and disadvantages

Regrading a wide provided features of Demo account, traders can be confident that they have been practiced thoughtfully their skill at no risk of losing their real capital. However, the real trading still have some features that Demo accounts cannot have

The advantages

  • Recognise you trading currencies preferences: as usual, the most trading currency pairs is the highest trading volume. So, their moves are mostly happen during the midnight and early morning.
  • Risk free of money loss through practice: the time consumption to get used to the Forex trading such as placing orders and execution is huge for new traders
  • Skill and techniques improvement: the Demo account giving more benefits than just for testing and practicing likely to the real-time execution. Actually, Experience traders use this account to check their new trading strategies and tools.
  • Examining the platform: the selected trading platform is often reflecting on personal interest. Hence, by using Demo account, you can test a platform in terms of the ease of navigation, building charts and trade execution. Then, bugs and stability issues can be recognised.

The disadvantages

  • Limitation of fund and duration offering to Demo accounts: there are always a terms following the free fund of the Demo account applied by most of brokers which is the limited period of time trading on this account. As the matter of fact, they want to push you to change to the live account with the real fund.
  • The difference of trading conditions in real: with the Demo account your trading fund is just a simulation. In the real trading world, the differences of the bid and the ask price is existing that your criteria may not be guaranteed the matching.
  • The difference or delay of data: it is common that the Demo account cannot access to the live data streaming. In another words, the data showed to the demo account traders is delayed and incomplete from the real world.
  • Lack of Cost of trading emotion: your would pay more than 100% attention to trade with your real fund. However, with $100,000 of Demo account fund, the loss is felt different from losing $100,000 from real fund. Hence, your decision of trading with Demo account is completely different from the real fund trading decision.
  • Personal information under protected: your name, address and more are requested in order to register for a Demo account.

Top picked Demo account brokers are

  1. Exness minimum deposit
  2. Hotforex
  3. XM
  4. FXTM


Overall, although trading with demo account is the safest way to avoid any risk of losing real fund for practicing and testing strategies and techniques, the transfer from the Demo account into real account occurs couples of unexpected issues. It is easy to move into the real investment with a live account. You would recognise how different the executions are. However, the real investment will catch more your attention and emotions which may not be found in trading with the Demo account.


Your Local Attorney Can Help You File Bankruptcy

A local attorney is the one, whom you could easily depend upon while filing for bankruptcy. The process of bankruptcy filing is complicated. A common man cannot understand the legal process of filing for bankruptcy well in front of the court. Once you fail doing this on your own, your petition will definitely be rejected. To get the financial relief that you have been longing for, only an attorney’s services are required. It does not matter under which Chapter of US bankruptcy codes you want to declare bankruptcy, hiring a legal attorney is a must. He will help you avail the following benefits.

  1. Familiar with legalities:

Being a common man you cannot understand the legal process. A local attorney will comprehensively understand your case and will act according to the US bankruptcy law. As you will be hiring a local attorney, then this will help you in a way that your lawyer will also have connections with the judges and clerks of your area. In this way, any potential challenges will be foreseen before time and some effective strategies can be formulated accordingly.

  1. Ease in access:

In case you have hired a local attorney, then you will be completely at ease in terms of contacting your lawyer on occasional and urgent basis. For any individual it is necessary that he should meet his attorney in person and get updates on the case. So hiring a local attorney could always be the best choice.

  1. Strong connection building:

When your bankruptcy lawyer will be working in your area then you will obviously meet in person more often. It will help in creating a bond between both of you. This will eventually make your lawyer feel much about your pain and will handle the case in better way. Moreover, you will be much comfortable in discussing the details of your case with your lawyer. It is very important to be comfortable and easy with your lawyer as you will also have to share very sensitive information about your case with him.

Now come the question that whether to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. This solution will also be provided to you by the local bankruptcy lawyer. He will let you know either your case will get approval of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. So all in all, only a legal person working in your locality could take you out of the financial issue of bankruptcy.



In recent years, FBS is day by day becoming the best forex broker ever in Asia, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to give new traders who are having a hard time looking for responsible brokers a thorough FBS reviews. Founded in 2009, FBS is believed to be a reliable broker that allow as much as 35 currency pairs, 4 precious metals, 2 CFD, and cryptocurrencies to be traded.

When it comes to evaluating a broker, there are certain standards that should be followed. These are the fundamental concepts that determine the professionality of a quality broker. These standards are:

  • Credibility
  • Regulations
  • Trading costs
  • Spread
  • Commission
  • Bonuses
  • Trading conditions
  • Account types
  • Payment systems
  • Quotes quality
  • Customer support
  • Local offices
  • Availability

Throughout this article, I will analyze FBS step by step to observe whether this broker can meet the expectation of a quality broker. Moreover, I will compare FBS to other famous brokers like Exness and XM.


The reliability of a broker is determined by its regulations, which is always the first category that any traders would analyze before committing to a broker. To explain, regulations are the licenses or certificates that are provided by a prestige financial organization so as to have an eye on the transparency of the broker. Regulations will have brokers to obey certain rules in order to protect both the broker and clients’ rights. In forex trading, only big brokers are able to satisfy the requirement of valid regulations. For FBS, this broker is regulated by CySEC and IFSC, which is two of the most reliable regulations. Therefore, I can guarantee the reliability of FBS.

Nevertheless, new traders should keep in mind that the numerous number of regulations that a broker possesses does not always mean that the fellow broker is extremely reliable. These regulations do not enhance a broker in terms of trading conditions. For traders whose countries provide regulations, then you only need to find brokers with that regulation in your country. In this case, you do not need to seek more regulations from other countries since the one in your country is already sufficient. For instance, FBS possess the IFSC – a South African regulation – therefore traders from this region can trade with FBS freely. On the contrary, for traders whose countries do not provide regulations – which is a normal thing in Asia – they need to seek for brokers with at least one prestige regulation. For FBS, the CySEC license would ensure its credibility. In short, having regulations only show that a broker is being supervised carefully and therefore traders can put their faith in the broker. Moreover, one reliable regulation should be enough to prove the point.

Trading costs


Traders would certainly be attracted by brokers offering low-spread. To explain, spread is basically the difference between the Ask and Bid price of a currency pair. For FBS, its spread rate is merely  0.2 to 1.1 pip, therefore it is rated among the list of brokers with the lowest spread rates.  In comparison to the best forex brokers 2019 such as XM, FXTM, FXCM, the spread rate of FBS is relatively lower.


Similar to other brokers, FBS also charge the commission fee. FBS would provide different rates for different account types. As for Cent and Standard accounts, the commission fee is free-of-charge.


A wide range of bonus types is offered at FBS such as deposit bonus, welcome bonus, or the loyalty program. The highest bonus amount of the fellow broker can reach as much as $123. As for the deposit bonus program, they will return traders 100% of their deposit amount. Another bonus is the cashback program, in which FBS will rebate $7 for each completed lot. Apparently, FBS is offering the welcome bonus that will immediately give you $50 after you have registered an account at FBS.

Trading conditions

Account types:

There are four main account types at FBS, including the regular accounts (Cent account, Standard account, and Fixed Spread account) and the ECN account. Each account type is appropriate for each type of traders.

Cent account: This is an ideal account for beginners since it requires very little deposit (with only $10). For new traders, they often do not want to deposit much money since they have a higher chance of losing everything during the practice stage. For Cent account, only $10 is required for three months of trading practice with practical trading conditions. Moreover, the spread rate of Cent account is only 1 pip while the order volume from 0.01 lot Cent up to 1000 lots. This feature is extremely helpful for new traders since they can avoid losing money. In addition, with no commission fee, you can trade using Cent account as much as you want.

Standard account: This account is suitable for traders who have gained more experience after the trading stage. For the Standard account, the minimum deposit amount is approximately $100. Meanwhile, the spread rate is low with only 0.5 pip when the leverage rate is higher, with 1:3000. Nevertheless, high leverage rate is better for traders. Compare to XM,  which has the leverage rate of 1:888, the leverage of FBS is relatively higher. In terms of trading volume, the order of FBS can handle from 0.01 to 500 lots. Similar to Cen account, commission fee is not charged for the Standard account.

Fixed Spread account: Also known as Zero spread account, Fixed spread account has no spread at all. However, it charges $20 for the commission fee instead. This is a reasonable feature since they must turn to commission fee to replace the spread profit. For Fixed spread account, the minimum deposit is $500 while other features such as leverage and order volume of this account is similar to that of Standard account.

ECN account: This account type is more suitable for professional traders who have had many experiences in the forex trading system. For this account, the minimum deposit is $1000 which is remarkably higher than other account types. Nevertheless, the commission fee is relatively lower with only $6. In fact, this commission fee is the same as the fee of Exness and XM, which is $5 and $6 respectively.

Payment system:

US & UK brokers are highly trusted in their domestic market due to the prestige of their financial system. However, when it comes to the overseas transaction, especially with Asia countries such as Thailand or Indonesia, traders should avoid trading with US & UK brokers. This is due to the fact that Asian traders will be charged from 1.7 to 4% of their fund if they choose to deposit via credit cards. For an average broker with a profit rate os 5% a month, there is no point for the fellow trader to pay 4% of their profit just for depositing only. As a result, Thai traders should seek brokers that offer local payment systems instead of partnering with US & UK brokers. In this category, FBS is an excellent candidate since this broker allows Asian traders to deposit and withdraw easily via local banks and even e-wallets. Moreover, the transaction speed of FBS is also a plus points since it has the second fastest transaction speed, after Exness (Morre over, Exness minimum deposit is only $1). For FBS, its transaction time takes only 30 minutes to an hour to complete while other average brokers might take as long as many days.

Customer support:

In forex trading, brokers that can provide a reliable and considerate customer support services are brokers that can win the clients’ heart. In this field, the trading process can become extremely complicated at times so traders need constant help from their brokers. For this criteria, I have my faith in FBS completely since their support team has made a fantastic impression to me. They offer English support 24/7 through live chat and they are even willing to call their clients back. Moreover, they also provide local language support in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, China, Korea and Myanmar 5 days per week. In short, the support system is FBS shows nothing but dedication to the customers and the will to create a long-term relationship with their traders.


How to Start a Pop-Up Business

Are you thinking of starting your own pop-up business? Well, it is not too late to embrace this lucrative trend. Business owners, both small and large, in the recent past have increasingly embraced the pop-up business trend. This clearly alludes to the fact that it is indeed a worthwhile venture. But before you dig deeper into this enterprise, you need to be well informed on the basics first.

What is a pop-up business?

A pop-up business is simply a store that opens up temporarily to capitalize on the increased demand for seasonal products and trends. The basic defining characteristic of these shops is their short-term nature. They tend to appeal to their customers by their ability to facilitate an engaging and captivating shopping experience. Ultimately, they help boost your product/service awareness, generate revenue as well as captivate your customers.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Pop-Up Business:

1. Outline your goals

Goals are extremely important in setting up the direction of your business. Take time to clearly outline and define your business goals. Think about elements such as boosting your product awareness in the market, engaging your customers and most importantly, revenue generation. Thinking along those lines will obviously put your business on the right footing.

2. Create a comprehensive budget

Budgeting, without a doubt, is equally important. Creating a clearly outlined and comprehensive budget will greatly help in the allocation of the usually limited budget. Start with factoring in the basics first such as:

• Seeking for a suitable commercial property to rent

• Insurance

• Merchandise

• Point of sale

• Promotional expenses

• Display set-up including lighting

• Connectivity i.e. internet connection

Be careful not to over budget though. The estimation will also greatly depend on the duration of your shop. However, do not also under budget!

3. Decide on the right location

The importance of getting the right commercial property to rent cannot be ignored. In your preferred city or town, search for a conveniently located property. The property’s cost factor should also be duly noted. Be sure not to decide on an overly priced location that will strain your finances. The following factors should be considered:

• Do you want to be located on the street level, inside another store or simply within a mall?

• Do you have enough budget allocation for space?

• Is the location appropriate for your type of business?

Whichever choice you make on the location, be sure that it aligns with your business and its interests. In summation, are you getting the best out of your location?

4. Finalise the logistics

Now that you have that perfect location, it is time to finalize on the logistics and open shop. Ensure that everything is set and ready. The merchandise, of course, should be at hand. Ensure that you met all the necessary legal requirements of setting shop including leases, permits, and licenses of operation. Check to see whether or not everything else is set-up including display, payment procedures and promotion.

On business promotion, other than merely depending on walk-in customers, seek to capture others too through a myriad of creative ways. Social media and blogging, for instance, could be very instrumental. You could also consider printing flyers.

5. Open shop

This should be done big, not necessarily on cost, but rather in a promotional manner. Think of ways through which you can capture the attention of customers. If your budget allows, have a party and offers! Invite as many people as you can and offer them a captivating shopping experience. There you go! Good luck with your new venture.