A Closer Look at Monaco and Its Billionaire Residents

Monaco is undeniably a billionaire’s playground. Although the sovereign city-state and country in the French Riviera only has a population of 40,000 and is the second smallest country after the Vatican, it does not fall short when it comes to its residents. In fact, 32.1% of Monaco’s population has at least $1 million and that value does not include the value of their homes, according to Forbes’ 2018 report. And if there are millionaires in Monaco, it also has more billionaires per capita than any other country in the world.

Why Monaco Is a Billionaire’s Playground

The wealthiest in the world love Monaco, and it’s easy to know why. Monaco is the perfect definition of the good life. Aside from being the home of the Formula One Grand Prix, Monaco also offers some of the most stunning views in the French Riviera. Apartments, luxury hotels and super yachts dominate Monte Carlo, most of which are owned by its millionaire and billionaire residents. Le Rocher, on the other hand, offers the perfect contrast with its old town charm where you can find the royal palace. But what attracted high rollers for many years is Monaco’s no income tax policy. It also has very low corporate taxes and crime rates are relatively low, which makes it the perfect destination for the super rich to really enjoy the good life.

The Billionaire Residents of Monaco

Let’s take a closer look at some of the wealthiest residents in the country:

  • David and Ezra Nahmad

With a joint estimated net worth of more than $3 billion, the Nahmad brothers can very well afford to live in billionaire’s row. David and Ezra Nahmad made their wealth from being two of the most successful art dealers in the world where they have an impressive inventory from artists like Matisse, Monet and Rothko. Of course, their collection includes more than 300 genuine Picasso art pieces. With Monaco being a haven for people who can afford their artworks, it only makes perfect sense that the Nahmad brothers chose Monaco as their residence.

  • Dmitry Rybolovlev

Considered as one of Monaco’s most controversial residents, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has been involved in a legal battle against Yves Bouvier that had its many twists and turns over the last few years including the latest accusations against him using his influence in Monaco to get favor for the case. But with all that fiasco, Rybolovlev is still one of Monaco’s richest residents with a net worth of over $6.8 billion and the President of its football club AS Monaco. He also owns one of the country’s most expensive homes named La Belle Epoque, which he acquired for $300 million.

  • Tatiana Casiraghi

She may be known as the wife of Prince Andrea Casiraghi, the fourth in line to the Monegasque throne, but Tatiana Casiraghi also has a fortune for herself being the heiress to a beer empire. With a net worth of $2.2 billion, Casiraghi inherited one-sixth of her grandfather Mario Santo Domingo’s wealth following his death. She was born in New York to Colombian and Brazilian parents and was raised in Switzerland. She studied in a boarding school later on where she met her prince Andrea.

  • Steve Wynn

With high-rise resorts and casinos in Macau, Las Vegas and other parts of the world, Steve Wynn could have easily chosen to live in one of these cities. But the billionaire chose to live in Monaco where HSH Prince Albert II granted him the honorary Monegasque citizenship in 2010. Wynn is most famous for transforming the Vegas strip with his luxury hotels and casinos including Wynn, the Mirage and Bellagio.

  • Lily Safra

The infamous socialite Lily Safra has been in Monaco since the 1970s when he married Edmond Safra, a banking mogul who later died in a fire at the couple’s penthouse in Monaco in 1999. The Brazilian philanthropist is worth $1.3 billion and is mostly known for her devotion to charity where she supports medicine, education, humanitarian relief and scientific research in a lot of countries around the world. But she is also controversial for her four marriages to wealthy businessmen with two ending up in divorce and the other two ending with a death by fire and suicide.

Monaco continues to attract high rollers, billionaires and even celebrities not only because of its zero income tax policy but also because of its unparalleled beauty that could rival any other city or country in the world. And with wealth being equated with Monaco, it’s no surprise that a lot of those who want to be with the elite choose to make the country as its residence.   



Nowadays, there is so much competition between brands, and to make your brand stand out, you must either introduce something different than your competitors or focus on your advertising and other social media marketing tools.

The way you advertise your product or service tells the customers a lot about what you are offering. If you want to attract the right audience, it is important to focus on your marketing strategies. This makes your customers notice your brand and remember it. If you make your brand deliver a complicated message, people won’t be able to remember it and this will stop them from referring it to others as well.

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Scott Beale Aviation – Enjoy Traveling with Your Favorite Airlines by Following 3 Key Safety Tips

Millions of people around the world travel by air over long distances for a variety of reasons. They consider it to be a cheap, safe and fast mode of transportation. Experts within the industry expect this trend to continue in the coming years.

However, sometimes these individuals do come across articles of horrific commercial aircraft accidents in print and visual media. Such incidents result in a massive loss of human life and property. There is always an intense public outcry in the aftermath of these tragedies.

Governments even conduct investigations into the causes leading up to these disasters. The lessons which the officials learn help to enforce measures to improve aviation security.

Scott Beale Aviation – What passengers need to do after boarding the aircraft to ensure their safety?

Scott Beale is a man of many hats within the aviation industry. This business graduate from Ohio State University always dreamt of becoming a pilot as a young boy. This became a reality in 1988 when he got his license.  He has almost 20 years of valuable experience in this sector. In fact, many people consider him to be a pioneer in this field.

These individuals got to know about his unique entrepreneurial and business development skill in 2000. In this year, he took over the airline company which hired him like 5 years back. Very few professionals can achieve this feat.

He also provides invaluable services to the Federal Government in America and the country’s military. His ingenious projects involving air surveillance over the US/Mexico border has won the appreciation of the enforcement agencies. Thanks to his efforts, there was a significant fall in drug trafficking in this region. His company, Tempus Applied Solutions has strong ties to Aerodynamics Inc (ADI).

The Scott Beale Aviation team of experts explain passenger safety is the primary concern of all major airlines. The officials of such organizations follow the guidelines which the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lay down. These include enforcing baggage rules and prohibiting various items onboard flights.

Moreover, all travelers need to go through electronic detection systems. However, people traveling by air can do their part to avoid such tragedies. They should consider the following important three tips to ensure they reach their destination safe and sound:

  1. Listen to preflight briefings

When boarding a commercial aircraft people should listen carefully to preflight briefings which air hostesses present. During such sessions, these passengers get to know what to do in unfortunate events. They also come to know where the nearest exits inside the aircraft cabin. This makes it easier for them to evacuate the plane for any reason.

  • Fasten seat belts

After occupying their seats on a commercial aircraft, passengers should fasten their seatbelts. This ensures they don’t sustain unnecessary injuries when the plane is taking off or during flight turbulence. In case, they have trouble doing so; these individuals should ask the flight attendants for help.

  • Remain calm and compose

In the event, the aircraft the passengers are traveling in the run into trouble they shouldn’t panic. The air hostesses, flight attendants, and pilots receive the necessary training to deal with the worst-case scenarios. These individuals should carefully listen and follow their instructions. This ensures they can exit the airplane safely.

The Scott Beale Aviation  group of specialists admit traveling by air is a unique experience for most people. However, these individuals should keep in mind the above three important tips. It ensures they reach their destination safely. After all, this is what they want.


How to Calculate Your Risk; The Importance of Risk Management

It is easy to become enamored with your trade entry strategy, and its ability to show how many times the price moves in your favor.  Many strategies are geared towards catching momentum or following a trend. To successfully prove that a trading strategy will work over time, you need to formulate a good risk management strategy. Even before you risk your first dollar, you need to have a keen understanding of how much money you plan to risk.

What is Risk Management

Risk management is a multi-level concept that starts at determining how much money you plan to risk on your investment strategy. The goal should be to make money consistently and to have a realistic concept of how risk works.

It’s important to understand that your reward will be predicated on the risk you take. If you are unwilling to take any risk, then your return will be what is called the risk free rate of return.  Most consider the risk free rate as sovereign government debt, such as the US treasury bill. If you lend money to the US government for 1-3 months, you are guaranteed to make money, but the return will be lower than if you take additional risk.

You also should only risk money that you can afford to lose.  The younger you are, the more time you have to make back your money if you lose it.  If you are only risking discretionary money that you do not plan to use to buy food and shelter, then you need to determine what kind of return you want and that will help you calculate risk.

Calculating Risk

Once you determine the reward you want, you can calculate your risk.  For example, if you are looking to make 30% for a year, with your online trading, you might consider losing as much as 10%. A 3 to 1 strategy is considered prudent. You then need to see if you can construct a trading strategy with this type of reward to risk ratio. 

For example, if you want to use a trend following strategy, either you need to win 3 times for every 1 time you lose risking the same amount of capital, or you can win on successful trades more than you lose on unsuccessful trades.

If you make 9-trades in a year and you win 3 and lose 6, you need to make $6 on every winning trade for every $1 you risk having a 3 to 1 ratio (3 * $6 = $18 versus 6 * $1 = $6).  Prior to testing your strategy, you want to make sure that you know how much you need to make to reach your financial goals and conform to your risk management.  If you have a strategy that wins more than it loses, you can alter how much you plan to risk on each trade to generate the same 3 to 1 reward to risk ratio.

Online Business

Things to Look For in an Office Desk

Among one of the most useful furniture in a workplace is the desks. Could you picture a work environment without tables? It would certainly be difficult for workers to finish their job without tables or Autonomous standing desk, which conveniently makes the desk among one of the most crucial items. Remember, there are several sorts of desks with various functions.

In a modern-day workplace, desks are bottom line to smooth service procedure. They can enable a mess complimentary work space which adds to the success of your service. Jumble complimentary locations likewise assist reduced anxiety and also make best use of efficiency from staff members. Customers see an arranged work space as being an efficient one. A vital attribute of contemporary desks is just how they incorporate with modern technology. Twenty years back, desks were created with desktop computer individuals in mind. Today, desks are tailored towards workers with laptop computers. Products like gliding key-board cabinets as well as CPU cupboards have actually been eliminated. While you can still buy Autonomous standing desk with these alternatives, it is very important to note what attributes you require. If your workers will largely be collaborating with desktop computer Computers, after that undoubtedly desks fit for these tools would certainly be a much better selection.

You still, nevertheless, desire your desk to have arrangement for circuitry. Sometimes, there are removed areas where you can string cable televisions as well as power cables. Having a phone or a light just enhances the requirement for efficient cable television administration. Some desks also have clips for protecting cables in position. If the desk does not have actually clips constructed in, they can typically be included. The workspace on the desk need to be structured, so acquiring a desk with these attributes is necessary. It contributes to the capability to develop a mess complimentary job area, hence permitting the individual seated to concentrate on their job.

The sort of workplace you have will certainly identify the appearance, design as well as feeling of the desk that you acquisition. This is particularly real when it comes to execs (or on your own). Autonomous desk are available in a selection of products like cherry, mahogany, oak and also walnut. These various kinds of timber produce a various appearance, yet capability needs to constantly be the main problem. Looks behave, however capability is what assists to enhance job result or creative thinking.

The workplace is a work environment; however it can likewise be trendy. An eye-catching workplace is constantly extra helpful for functioning than a boring one. So in order to get the very best tables for your workplace, take a look at attribute and also feature, which will certainly alter based upon the shapes and size of your area.


Hilfreiche Tipps für den Kauf eines Reisemobils

Der Kauf eines Wohnmobils, Wohnmobils oder Wohnmobils ist eine große finanzielle Entscheidung. Es ist auch eine, die eine Person nicht leichtfertig machen sollte. Es kann schwierig sein zu wissen, welche Größe zu kaufen ist, welche Marke und welches Modell und welches interne Layout am besten zu den Bedürfnissen der Person passen. Es ist auch erforderlich, alle verfügbaren technischen Geräte und Funktionen zu berücksichtigen. Lesen Sie die folgenden Tipps und Informationen, um die Kaufentscheidung ein wenig zu vereinfachen.

Erstellen Sie eine Wunschliste

Alle Schnickschnack mögen großartig sein, aber sind sie wirklich notwendig? Erstellen Sie eine Wunschliste mit allen Dingen, die Sie gerne hätten, und listen Sie sie in der Reihenfolge ihrer Wichtigkeit auf. Zum Beispiel kann eine Person nicht in der Lage sein, auf der Straße zu leben, ohne einen Grill im Freien, Satellitenfernsehen oder etwas anderes. Es kann jedoch sein, dass sie lieber Stoffsitze als Leder wählen oder auf Hochglanzmöbel oder Waschmaschinen verzichten können. Durch Eingrenzen der Wunschliste wird es einfacher, das Richtige zu finden Wohnmobil kaufen dortmund

Stellen Sie sicher, dass genügend Platz vorhanden ist

Es ist wichtig, ein Wohnmobil zu kaufen, das für alle geeignet ist, die es regelmäßig nutzen. Wenn es beispielsweise von einer vierköpfigen Familie genutzt wird, ist es wahrscheinlich nicht bequem, sich für einen Wohnmobil zu entscheiden. Dies ist jedoch die perfekte Größe für ein Paar. Wenn diejenigen, die das Fahrzeug benutzen, es vorziehen, sich auszubreiten, damit jede Person ihren eigenen “Raum” hat, ist ein geräumigeres Wohnmobil erforderlich. Wenn jemand, der größer ist, das Wohnmobil benutzt, achten Sie auch auf die Innenhöhen und die Breite und Länge der Betten.

Wählen Sie das richtige Layout

Heutzutage ist es möglich, Reisemobile in einer Vielzahl von Größen und Formen mit endlosen internen Layouts zu finden. In den meisten Fällen hängt diese Entscheidung von den persönlichen Vorlieben des Käufers ab. Der Stil und die Größe der Betten sowie Die Größe und Position des Esstisches wird für jeden Käufer unterschiedlich sein.

Überlegungen zum Stauraum

Was viele Käufer von Reisemobilen übersehen, aber das sollte sorgfältig überlegt werden, ist die Speicherkapazität im Reisemobil. Nehmen Sie sich etwas Zeit, um Schränke und Schränke sowie andere Lagerbereiche zu durchsuchen. Berücksichtigen Sie dies unbedingt und überprüfen Sie das Wohnmobil sorgfältig, bevor Sie einen Kauf tätigen.

Bestimmen Sie ein Budget

Es ist leicht, sich von etwas Glänzendem und Hellem ablenken zu lassen und viel mehr auszugeben, als für diesen Kauf in Betracht gezogen wurde. Das Beste, was eine Person tun kann, ist, diesem Drang zu widerstehen. Geben Sie nicht zu viel aus und vermeiden Sie dies am besten, indem Sie vor dem Einkauf ein Budget festlegen.

Wenn eine Person ein Wohnmobil kaufen möchte, gibt es mehr als ein paar Dinge zu beachten. Verwenden Sie die hier aufgeführten Tipps und Informationen, um einen Kauf zu vermeiden, der für den Käufer nicht funktioniert. Informiert zu sein ist der beste Weg, um diesen Kauf zu tätigen.


A Complete Guide to Hudson Yards Vessel NYC

The NYC or New York City skyline is rapidly developing as the most intricate construction project in NYC history since the launch of the Rockefeller Center. Hudson Yards Vessel liesto the west of Manhattan city on the Hudson River bank. This place is located amidst the city’s hustle bustle with several office buildings, hotels, a public school, numerous apartments, and series of shops, parks and restaurants. If you are visiting NYC, then you must not miss Hudson Yards Vessel. This article equips you with all the information pertaining to Hudson Yards Vessel.

What is Hudson Yards New York?

The prime objective of building Hudson Yards is to develop a brand-new business center in Manhattan city. This is an attractive tourist spot for people worldwide. One of its buildings, 10 Hudson Yards around an 885-foot-high skyscraper that got opened in the year 2016.

Hudson Yards news

In the year March 2019, store openings were planned for several restaurants, shopping center, a park as well as Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel. This vessel is nearly 45 meters high. It covers an area of more than 2,500 steps. It is also expected that the entire viewing platform will capture the attention of locals and tourists alike. Visiting this place is completely free for all visitors.

Hudson Yards also reveals the “Floor of Discover” which is going to be on the 2nd floor and also house permanent art exhibition place and curated shops known as Snark Park. This architecture is designed by “Snarkitecture”. It has a collaboration with KITH Treats, that is a trendy store based outside SoHo.

The various Hudson Yards Buildings

10 Hudson Yards

This office premise lies above the High Line. It is 270 meters high. It serves world-renowned corporations like L’Oréal USA, Boston Consulting Group and SAP as its headquarters. The most remarkable feature of Hudson Yards is that it is integrated in the High Line!

15 Hudson Yards

This is an addition to the existing NYC skyline. The construction of this building will complete in the end of this year. This building is around 920 feet in height. It is a new housing complex that comes with eighty-eight floors.

30 Hudson Yards

This building towers at a height of 1300 feet. It will become NYC’s 2nd highest office building. It is also a home to America’s major broadcasting firms such as CNN, HBO, and Turner Broadcasting. The development work of this building will get completed by 2019.

50 Hudson Yards

The construction of 50 Hudson Yards is planned to be finished in the year 2022. It becomes the 4th largest commercial skyscraper in NYC. To know more about Hudson Yards vessel, visit this link

Key Points for the Hudson Yards New York Project

  1. Hudson Yards NYC is the largest private real estate development in the US history.
  2. It is the major project undertaken since the Rockefeller Center.
  3. ​​Hudson Yards New York area will be approx. 412 acres.
  4. There will be above 100 shops, that includes Neiman Marcus in NYC.
  5. There are above 4000 apartments in this yard.
  6. The construction space comprises of 12.3 acres of green land that includes three new parks.
  7. There is also a plan to develop public school for 750 students.
  8. The Hudson Yards construction is projected to bring 23,000 jobs in the entire construction industry.


As a visitor to New York City, Hudson Yards implies more places of attractions and enjoyment that can be experienced. New shops, restaurants, food court, star chefs, food markets from varying nationalities will make it a memorable experience.