Make your Italian restaurant stand out from the crowd with these 3 essential tips

Italian restaurants are popular with food lovers worldwide. Famed for their crowd pleasing and flavoursome dishes, Italian restaurants cater to the cravings of many food lovers daily.

Setting up a restaurant isn’t easy, but staying ahead of competition in order to survive is where it gets really difficult.

Restaurants prepare and serve food to customers but that is only the very beginning of what a good restaurant does. Giving your customers an experience they will not forget is the key to getting them back through the door regularly. When demand for your services are high, you are on the path to ensuring a steady stream of income for your business and stable restaurant finance is where every restaurateur wants to be.

So how do you make your Italian restaurant stand out from the crowd and keep your customers coming back? These three essential tips are intended to help you do just that;

Know Your Target Audience & Define Your Customer Persona

A customer persona is the demographic and behavioural profile of the people that will be patronising your restaurant. In a university town for example, your customer persona is probably someone in their early twenties looking for an affordable meal. In a built-up city street, close to a commercial centre, your likely clientele are office workers and professionals.

For most restaurants however, there will be multiple personas walking through your door daily. However, your top three personas should be your best customers. You can then go through your restaurant’s sales data and correlate the customer type with the food they are ordering.

Armed with this information, you can then go about finding ways to optimise the experience of these sets of customers. If one of the personas patronising your restaurant is a family with young children, then you should be looking at having high-chairs and changing tables readily available, family-sized meal options, as well as specials. If students are amongst your restaurant’s most regular guests, then having a “starving student” special speaks to your understanding of your restaurant’s personas.

Understand Your Competition

Yours is probably not the first Italian restaurant in the area. In that case, there are some others also offering the same services as you. To stay ahead of competition, you need to know what your rivals are doing that is making them successful. The key to this is not recreating their formula but finding ways to improve on it and then owning it.

For example, if you find out one of your competitors offers a unique drink that is driving people to their front door, offering the same drink is not likely to change the fate of your restaurant. Instead, focus on coming up with a unique offering of your own, a new dish, a new dessert, that will drive people into a frenzy and have them walking through your door. You can only beat competition if you are constantly one step ahead of your rivals.

Capitalise On Your Competencies

Your competencies are your strengths; use them to your advantage. Focus on key areas of the business where you are well-versed and where you could make your Italian restaurant stand out. For example, you may have an eye for aesthetics, make this work for you by putting some extra effort into food presentation.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see someone whip out their phone and take a quick picture of their meal before digging in. Most photos are taken to capture a beautiful sight, and that applies to food as well. Certainly, a boring plate of spaghetti with sauce slopped on top isn’t going to tempt people to take photos.

Take your time to present your food in a unique and pleasant way. A satisfied customer sharing their food photo is definitely great exposure for your restaurant. It is a positive review from a satisfied customer and one that is likely to drive many more to your restaurant, so make sure you are present on all social media channels to take advantage of the free marketing.


Achieving success with your Italian restaurant is quite possible if you follow the three tips provided above. Knowing your customer, understanding your competition, and capitalising on your core competencies will ensure your restaurant stands out and is primed for success. With this knowledge, you will be able to give your customers the best experience possible.

Small Business

5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever worked in an office space, you’ll now that air-conditioning is often a hot topic. For some people, it can never be cool enough, and the fresh, crisp feel of a well-conditioned office is the perfect working environment. For some others, dealing with the air-conditioning is a daily struggle, usually overcome with thick blankets and hot water bottles. But whatever side you’re on, air conditioning has several benefits for the workplace. Here are 5 of them:

Increases productivity

Air conditioning can increase productivity. If a room gets too hot and stuffy, employees start to feel sleepy, reducing their energy levels and ability to concentrate on the task at hand. But when it’s too cold, staff begin to complain and are more likely to fall sick, leading to an increase in absences from work. Although there’s plenty of debate around the exact number, 20-21 degrees is considered the optimal workplace temperature.

Protects your assets

Modern offices run off computers and their servers, and all these crucial machines generate heat. Keeping them cool is essential if you want to keep your business running. Systems failures not only disrupt your day-to-day operations, but they can also lead to critical issues like massive data losses or breaches. Specially designed air-conditioning systems remove heat and humidity, ensuring your most important equipment and technology never takes an unexpected break.

Reuces business costs

From simple split systems to advanced heat recovery VRF set-ups, the technology behind modern air-conditioning is always evolving.  This means it’s becoming ever more efficient, and efficiency is a word that should always be near the top of your list of priorities. A good air conditioning system minimises energy use, cuts out waste, and reduces those utility bills. It’s also a great way of making your carbon footprint as small as possible, an increasing concern for many environmentally conscious businesses.

Cleaner air

With so many people working in such close proximity, offices can quickly become breeding grounds for the nasty germs that lead to coughs, colds, and sniffles. They can also be a nightmare for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, such as asthma. One way to keep your employees healthy is to improve the quality of the air they breathe. Air conditioning systems can contain filters that purify “dirty” air by removing bacteria, dust particles, allergens, and any unpleasant odours.

Less external noise

Maintaining focus is crucial for workplace success. Open windows and doors are great for keeping cool during the summer, but they often invite external noise. For example, you might be situated next to a busy road or what if a construction site suddenly pops up next door? Air conditioning lets you carry on working without unwanted interruption, and today’s systems are make less than noise than ever. is the UK’s number 1 supplier of air conditioning equipment spare parts. They supply tools and supplies for any kind of job, including equipment for industrial and commercial applications.


Brand development strategies for fashion designers

Are you about to launch a new fashion business or are you an established brand and would you like to improve your brand identity? Here are some absolutely necessary brand development activities to do, in order to plan performing communication strategies.

However, remember that not all of these activities can always be performed by one, single person. The skills to have are many, from graphics to digital marketing. So, carefully evaluate these actions that we suggest you and contact an agency and a professional team to get the best possible results!

Before brand development activities, analyse market and competitors

First of all, reference market analyses will allow you to understand how the fashion system works and how to enter it. Have a look on products, brand, media and popular figures in the market and find out information about their best practices and behaviours.

Of course, if you are thinking of entering different markets or expanding into new markets, make an analysis for each one. There could be many differences between one and another.

Trends analysis will help you to understand how to introduce yourself in the reference market, which is the right period, what kind of trends you will be able to exploit in your favor or, vice versa, which trends could go against your brand development.

You will also need to deep know who your competitors are and how they behave in the reference market. It is very important to have a strong knowledge about it in order to prevent possible similarities, for example.

Create a visual brand strategy

Visual identity is very important for the brand development of fashion businesses. Every day, customers and prospects face with your image through social media, classics media, photographs and videos. So, visual identity has a strong impact on their behaviours as customers or potential ones.

The first rule to be respected is to develop a coherent visual identity, from the logotype to the dress code for your employees. A coordinated image and a common thread are necessary in order to make your brand identifiable and memorable.

Also, your visual identity must tell all about your brand: mission, vision, history and promises. Pay attention to the visual code: colors, shapes, lettering, font size and logo placement are not so banal choices.

Think about how would you like your customers feel your brand, remember and communicate it to the other people, but don’t forget that visual identity also is necessary to attract prospects, too. So, you will need to study the style of your verbal communication.

The linguistic code

The linguistic style you will use, will identify your company as much as the visual identity.

Choose carefully the words with which to talk to your customers, but also the ones you will use to describe yourself.

A useful exercise is to write on a piece of paper a series of keywords which best represent the company. A brand development expert will be able to help you tidy up this list and find the right words and synonyms through which to build your linguistic identity and your tone of voice.

General Internet Tech

Health apps

Technology is advancing as we speak. Almost every day there is a new application that hits the market. Even though developers only want to make money but if you look at it from a positive perspective, you can also benefit from all these applications. From entertainment apps to medial app, we should have at least one from all the categories.

You might have heard about medical/health applications. Most people will claim that they are not true but that is not the case. If you are purchasing a trusted app then you are most likely getting the right thing. These apps nowadays can help you monitor your health which includes your heart rate, proteins intake and so much more. They can actually help you live a better life as they act as your personal health assistant. Centraljersey blog talks about some of the best health apps that you can download here at