Find the Right Tax Submission Limits in Micro Business

New micro-entrepreneurs are required to register. In case of registration in the trades directory, the pre-installation internship is compulsory. A bank account dedicated to professional activity must be opened.

Accounting obligations in the micro-enterprise regime

Under the micro-enterprise regime, the entrepreneur is no longer obliged to keep accounts and produce annual accounts. You just have to:

  • Keep a recipe book, and, in some cases, keep a record of purchases.
  • The recipe book contains all of the day-to-day recipes in detail, supported by invoices or any other supporting documents.

The purchase register is a summary of the purchases made each year. It specifies in particular the third party concerned, the date of the transaction, the method of payment and the references of the supporting documents (invoices, notes, tickets, etc.). It must be held only when the activity consists mainly of selling goods, supplies and foodstuffs to be consumed on the spot or to take away, or to provide accommodation services.

For more information: accounting for micro-entrepreneur

Reporting obligations under the micro-enterprise regime

The entrepreneur must comply with the reporting obligations specific to the micro-enterprise regime:

At the end of each calendar month or quarter (as desired), all sales or receipts collected for the period must be declared. This declaration is accompanied by the payment of social contributions and, where applicable, the final payment of IR. It can be done online on the sites. The tax refund estimate happens to be important in this case.

The amount of the annual turnover and the capital gains or losses made during the year must be entered on the additional declaration (n ° 2042 C Pro) to the annual declaration of income.

The entrepreneur with the simplified micro-social regime does not have to transmit the social declaration of the self-employed (DSI).

For more information: the reporting obligations of micro-entrepreneurs.

Billing obligations

The micro-entrepreneur is required to issue an invoice to his customers on the occasion of each sale or provision of services.

Each invoice must include several mandatory information. We inform you about this here: the mandatory information on the invoices.

Membership not necessary in an approved management center

It is not necessary to join an approved management center when opting for the micro-enterprise scheme. Indeed, under this regime, the entrepreneur will not bear a 25% increase in the amount of his taxable profit in the absence of membership. This increase is reserved for sole proprietorships and partnerships that come under a real tax regime.

Taxation applicable by being in the micro-enterprise regime

Taxation on the basis of a profit calculated at a flat rate

Unless there is an option for the final tax payment, the taxable profit of the micro-enterprise ( micro-BIC or micro-BNC  depending on the activity) is determined by the tax administration by applying a standard allowance on the amount of declared turnover. on the supplementary income declaration (n ° 2042 C Pro). This allowance is equal to:

  • 70% of turnover for sales or housing supply activities,
  • 50% of turnover for service provision activities under the BIC,
  • 34% of turnover for activities relating to BNCs.

The allowance cannot be less than 305 euros, or 610 euros in the case of mixed activities.

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