What kind of waitress pants are cooler to wear?

How many models of waitress pants exist and which are the coolest ones to wear?

First of all, it depends on the branch and on the level of your establishment. Not all the waitress pants are suitable with a starred restaurant or an elegant nightclub so, let’s find out more about all the models of waitress pants you should know if you are going to choose the work wears for your waitress, and where to buy them online.

All the waitress pants models you should know

Black pants are a must for elegant lounge bars or 5-stars restaurants. Instead, normal black work pants are the ideal solution for informal places such as chain restaurants, for example. More generally we can say that the black color is always a good idea because it suites with every context and color you will choose for the shirts or the aprons. However, what makes the differences is the fabric of the pants.

Black jeans and cotton, for example, are too sporty so we suggest you to choose them only for the servers’ uniforms in a bar or a pub attended by young people. On the contrary, we suggest you to choose a more elegant fabric if you manage a starred hotel or restaurant. For example, a nightclub attended by adults. Gabardine is the most suitable solution for your needs. This fabric has many qualities. First of all, it is a wrinkle free material so that the waitress pants will have always a clean and tidy appearance.

Appearance is something very important in these kind of places where customers and guests pay attention to details and aesthetics.

There are so many possibilities so, where to find all these models?

Corbara waitress pants, a wide range of solutions

If you are looking for many models to evaluate, the ideal solution is to have a look on an online shop specialized in workwears.Corbara is an online provider of professional uniforms for hotels, bars and restaurants. On the online shop it is possible to find a wide range of solutions for every need. These are some of the coolest waitress pants available and they are suitable both with formal and informal professional environments.

Topazio Black Trousers

Women’s palazzo black trousers with waistband. This is an elegant model with a straight and linear cut. It can be worn with court shoes.

Rubino Black Trousers

Tapered trousers without waistband, made of Made of Gabardine Plus 100%. The zip closure is on the left side.

Nila Black Trousers

Black waitress pants with the zip closure on the front side, two side pockets and a black belt with black loops and buttons. This is a perfect solution for informal contexts. The pant is made of Victory Gabardine.  

Roberta Black Trousers

Waitress black pants with central closure, made of Gabardine Plus fabric. A flared model having a simple but not too formal style.

Black is not your choice? Let’s find out more options on!

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