7 of the best promotional items

Promotional products which showcase your brand and your company along with being highly useful for a customer are the ones that are likely to work in your favour. If you want to make a positive impact and stand out in the competition, you may have to put some creative thought into which promotional items you wish to give away.

It is important to give away products which will inspire and delight your recipients and to achieve this, you may have to think outside the box. You may have to ask yourself ‘what makes a promotional product truly creative?’.

Following is a list of creative promotional products that will help you make an impact:


Promotional pens are perhaps the most effective type of promotional product that can be given away to consumers. Everybody makes use of a pen and the ink of a pen usually lasts for a long enough time to help your brand identity reach many eyes before it is no longer usable. Moreover, they are useful, cost effective and tactful.

Despite their small size, pens can be quite efficient for the purpose of branding and it can effectively communicate crucial information to consumers. When a prospective customer uses a pen which has your phone number, logo and website inscribed on it, there is a greater possibility of your details being retained by the minds of your customers.

Also, pens are quite likely to passed on from person to person which increases the chances of your business becoming known to more than one person to whom the gift was originally made. This effect is quite similar to the publicity that a business enjoys when a good word about them is being spread around.

Cooling Towel Mini Kit

A product which is multipurpose is likely to be appreciated by your customers. A cooling towel mini kit is essentially two products placed in a single package. The first product is a quick-absorbing and soft towel which has been rolled neatly and placed inside the second product which is a mini water bottle.

If you wish to align your brand with themes such as wellness, fitness and an active lifestyle, then such a complete package will be perfect to give away to your customers. To improve the visibility of your brand logo, you can select a towel colour which reflects the logo of your brand clearly.

Revolving Camera Lens

Needless to say, your existing customers and target audience use smartphones which also means that they click photos. A revolving camera lens is the perfect cell phone accessory that you can gift to your customers. All you need to do is place your smartphone on the product and twist its base.

It will reveal four or more different types of lenses which let you take fun photographs. The lens type which are generally included are fisheye lens, macro lens, wide lens, and CPL lens, each of which are effective at eliminating stray light and producing a natural image.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are so much fun to hold, that even those are not experiencing any kind of stress like to play with them. This makes them an ideal gift which your customers will be happy to receive. The gift gets even better if your customers include children or parents with young kids.

By giving such a gift, your customer is likely to associate your brand with a force which relieves their stress and tension. The stress ball is not just a popular promotional product but also a potent stress reliever. There is hardly a person in this world who doesn’t experience stress of any kind, which makes stress balls a product that is quite relevant to our lives.

By allowing your brand to be the simple escape your consumer needs when they are looking for a way to balance out that negative energy, you are also planting the seed of your brand’s thought in the minds of your target audience.


According to a study, nearly 29 percent of the promotional products which are given away by companies consist of sunglasses. These are not ordinary sunglasses but custom printed ones which are currently a very hot item in the promotional products and marketing industry.

This gift of swag can be given to your customers as it is not only stylish but also highly affordable. You can print your brand message or logo on the lens or even arms. It is an item that can be used on a daily basis and people perceive custom printed sunglasses as something which is fun to use.


Promotional frisbees are cost efficient and fun giveaways if it is an outdoor event where you would wish to promote your brand. For instance, a frisbee is the most apt promotional product that a sporting goods store can give away to its prospective customers.

The large imprint area which is available on the surface of a frisbee makes it effective for advertising as you have enough space to comfortably accommodate your business information or business logo. Besides they can also be manufactured in any colour that you like, which makes it possible for you to match it with that of your brand logo.

They are fun products for adults and kids alike and as your promotional item gets tossed around, your brand will become more recognisable with every swing.

Flashlight Keychains

Another good idea for a promotional item is a product which you can stash away until you need it most. A keychain is an item that we use almost on a daily basis to keep our keys together. But this product will come in handy when you get stuck in the dark. The objective of giving a promotional product is achieved when a consumer finds your product to be practical as well as functional.

If you are able to give your recipient a product which brings out a reaction which says ‘wow, I have never seen such a product before!’, then you should know that you have found a memorable and unique item.